I'm publishing the lyrics and chords for all of my released songs here. If you cover any of the songs, please let me know—I'd love to hear your version!

Songs from 'Mistaken Identity':

Songs from 'Circumstantial Evidence':

Songs from
'Time To Break Up The Band':

Songs from 'Cabin Fever':

  1. Stale Tequila
  2. Photo Album
  3. I'm A Guy
  4. Watching Killer Robots Eat Your Head
  5. A Dozen Lovely Roses
  6. Hybrid Car Blues
  7. You're The Tea In My Teacup
  8. Absolute Zero
  9. Mistaken Identity
  10. Lady Luck
  11. Ezra's Song
  12. (Whenever I'm Sad, I Do A Web-Search For Pictures Of) Adorable Kittens
  1. Dear Santa
  2. Circumstantial Evidence
  3. Avocados & Beer
  4. Mistreating Yarn Blues
  5. Blame the Train
  6. Part-Time Dog
  7. Just You
  8. Codependent
  9. Stale Tequila
  10. Soft Spot
  11. The Ballad of Anne Hutchinson
  12. All Alone
  13. Relatively Human
  1. Time To Break Up The Band
  2. Kitten Knitting Blues
  3. A Fork In The Road
  4. Binders Full Of Women
  5. The Ballad of the Oregon Highway Department
  6. Seven Years Of Fat
  7. Was The Moon Too Full?
  8. gchat blues
  9. Barista Blues
  10. Song Written In The Shower
  11. Blue Yodel #∞ (T For T-Rex)
  1. My Little Lobster
  2. I Wish That I Was Vegan
  3. Swat The Bees
Abandoned lyrics on a legal pad

Demos and other unreleased songs:



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