Hybrid Car Blues

Hear the version from 'Mistaken Identity":

On the album the verse is a blues in A, and the chorus starts in D but otherwise follows the form of a 12-bar blues.

I know you love me, baby
Because you know I'm what you need
And you know I'm built for comfort
Yeah, I'm not just built for speed

Yeah I'm your hybrid car
You know you want me, don't deny
'Cause you know I handle great, now
Why don't you take me for a ride?

I'm not like those SUVs, babe
Yeah, you'll be glad you made the switch
You know those things'll roll right over
They'll leave you lonely in a ditch

But I'm your hybrid car
You can't resist me, don't even try
'Cause I can hug close to your curves
Why don't you take me for a ride?

With other cars you can't hear yourself think
They're loud and they're noisy too
But you listen to me purr, girl
And you know I'm the one for you

'Cause I'm your hybrid car
You can count on me, and that's no lie
'Cause I never run out of gas
Why don't you take me for a ride?
Copyright ©2009 Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]



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