Song Written In The Shower

Hear the version from 'Time To Break Up The Band":

The two chords are C# (technically C# 7th sharp 9th w3) and C7.

I remember going to school
on every school day.
My teacher was kind of a ghoul.
He ate the flesh of people.

But no-one made a fuss.
No-one caused trouble.
'Cause no-one else wanted to teach calculus
And also he had tenure.

I really learned a lot;
he was my favorite teacher.
He taught us about integrals,
and how to scream in fear.

Now schools aren't what they used to be --
That's their critics constant refrain.
Back then, we knew our teachers
really cared about our brains.

Copyright ©2014 by Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]



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