A Dozen Lovely Roses

Hear the version from 'Mistaken Identity":
C                  C
Jenny & Frank were sweethearts,
            Ami          Ami
Though they lived so far apart,
        F                     F
But the weekends they spent together
          F                     C
Kept them close to each other's heart.
                  G    G
  Swore they'd be true,
                          C     C
  'Til their faces turned blue.

Now Jenny had on the radio
Tuned to WHJG;
The radio host said to Frank,
"Tell me, who might your true love be?
'Cause you've won a prize
For the apple of your eyes:


       F            F       F
It's a dozen lovely roses --
        F                      C     C
So much louder than words they speak.
 F               F        F
Imagine, do, the rosy hue
              F               G      G/G/G
they'll bring to your lover's cheek."

Frank didn't pause for a minute,
'Cause the answer's as clear as can be:
"Send those roses to my sweet wife,
Esmerelda, if you please."
Then Jenny cried,
for she knew he'd lied

Then Frank was talking to Jenny:
"I was just kidding," that's what he said;
"Well I ain't joking" said Jenny,
"If you come around here you're dead.
No matter what you say,
stay the hell away;


Now this story has a moral;
it's as simple as it can be.
If you want the truth of the matter,
turn to WHJG.
Ask Jenny why
and she'll just sigh:


Copyright ©2009 Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]



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