Just You

Hear the version from 'Circumstantial Evidence":
E    C#      F#  B             E         C#   F#   B
 You make me feel just like the luckiest guy alive.
     E     E7        A     Ami         B                 E
I've never felt this way before, or at most just once or twice.

(Same chords for the second half of the verse.

You're a wonderful person, you've got right under my skin.
That's why it's true, I'm in love with you
Just you
And you.

[guitar solo: verse/verse]

I'm just like an apple hanging from a tree
It feels so nice, it's paradise, and you're my little Eve.

The way I feel about you, it's got to be an original sin.
You know it's true, I love only you
Just you
And you.

[guitar solo: bridge/verse]

 You know that I love you
 Quite exclusively
   F#                      F#
So please be mine 'til the end of time
and forget about the girls who love only me

I'm just like Romeo to your Juliet
We're in Act II, our love is true, and we ain't dead quite yet.

Ever since I met you, you put me in a spin.
That's why it's true, I'm in love with you.
If you don't love me then I'll be so blue -
Won't you make me coo and just say, "I do"?
'Cause you know it's true, I'm in love with you,
Just you.

Copyright ©2011 Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]



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