Horny Prison Blues

Hear a demo version of the song:
I hear that train a-comin'.
It's rolling 'round the bend.
It's makin' me quite horny,
Though that might be a sin,

    But I'm stuck in horny prison,
    Where life keeps dragging on,
    While I think my horny thoughts,
    And hum this horny song.

When I was young, my mama said,
"I'll give you just one chance.
Don't broadcast your horniness.
Just keep it in your pants."

Now I'm stuck in horny prison,
For horniness on main.
If I'd listened to my mama,
I might be on that train.

I bet there's rich folks sexting
as they roll along that track.
They're sending peach emojis,
or uploading a thirst trap.

Well, I know that I've been randy,
here on twitch dot tee vee.
But these horror game monstrosities,
They makes me so horny.

If they freed my from that prison,
If that horny train was mine,
And you asked me 'smash or pass',
You know, I'd smash 'em every time.

But I'm stuck in horny prison,
So horny and alone.
Please let me leave this horny prison.
Just throw this dog a bone.

Lyrics copyright ©2023 by Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]



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