Mistaken Identity

Hear the version from 'Mistaken Identity":
G              B     Emi
Excuse me, but I was wondering --
    Ami          E         Ami
You look quite familiar to me.
G            B           E
Might I have seen you on match.com,
  A          D
OKCupid, or eHarmony?

     Emi        D            Emi
If I haven't, I guess that's no big surprise.
         D                    G
This has happened before, you see.
            G       B           Emi
When you've seen as many dating profiles as I have
      A            D       G
Everyone looks the same to me.

Hey there, buddy, how're you doing?
What, you don't recognize me?
Didn't I see you just the other day
at Amazing Video down Empire Street?

If I haven't, I guess that's no big surprise.
This has happened before, you see.
When you've been to as many purveyors of pornography as I have
Everyone looks the same to me.

	  C                                    G
	I acknowledge you're a unique individual,
	       C                    G
	You're one in a million and ten.
	C                                  G       E
	 Wait, no, I think I'm thinking of someone else.
	     A                     D
	Just who the hell are you again?

So excuse me if I'm bothering you;
I could have sworn we're the best of friends.
You really don't remember who I am?
I guess that's how our story ends.

I guess it's really no big surprise;
I've always had rotten luck.
But for the sake of old acquaintance,
Could you lend me a lousy buck?

Copyright ©2009 Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]



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