Part-Time Dog

Hear the version from 'Circumstantial Evidence":

This is a blues in F with an extra-long I section.

You know I used to have a dog, I loved to have that dog around,
But now that she is gone, I'm not gonna rush off to no pound.

It's great to have a dog, that's what all dog-owners say,
But I like having some freedom—you know that leash, it goes both ways.


I want me a part time dog, won't keep me up late every night.
Some companionship here and there, once in a while she'll treat me right.

My part-time dog & I will cross paths every once in a little while.
I'll give her treats and rub her tummy, love to see that doggy smile.

My part-time dog'll be well-cared for, it just won't be by only me.
Sharing dogs is very modern, so don't you cluck your tongue at me.


I want me a part-time dog, one who's sweet as she can be—
One who'll always be happy to always stay part-time with me.

You know I ain't no SOB who'd turn a hungry dog from his door.
I'd treat her well while she is mine, miss her when she goes next door.

It'll be sad to see her go, watch her go so far away;
But trust me, man, it'd be sadder still if she'd stick around every day.


I want me a part-time dog, I guess I've told you the reasons why.
Now all I need's to find a puppy who's looking for a part-time guy.

Copyright ©2011 Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]



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