A Fork In The Road

Hear the version from 'Time To Break Up The Band":
D                            G
Once in my favorite diner, I noticed on the floor
  D                                      A
a shiny dime which I picked up, and then looked 'round for more.
       D                          G
It was noticed by my neighbor who sat there next to me.
   D                                  D       A    D
He mentioned it and praised me highly for my industry.
   D                               G
We got to talking, and he seemed a very pleasant guy.
  D                            A
I told him of my job and how I hated it and why.
   D                             G
He was quite sympathetic, and he asked me to invest
   D                            A
in enterprises that he ran, and I did, for a test.
   D                              G
My money quickly doubled, then it tripled.  I was in.
   D                                           A
My whole life's savings, and then some more, I handed it to him.
         D                                G
Then one day when I called him there's no answer on the line.
     D                                D     A        D
He'd gone completely missing with the money that was mine.
    D                             G
And so, to keep myself from going quickly to default,
   D                                 D     A         D
I started to borrow secretly from my employer's bank vault.

[Hang on the D a bit]

        D                             G
Now you know that every day we make decisions big and small.
   D                                  A
To sleep late, throw a man a buck, or give a friend a call.
        D                               G
But these choices' effects multiply all of the goddamn time,
           D                          D       A    D
And that's why I'm in prison now, for picking up a dime.
Copyright ©2014 Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]



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