The Ballad of Anne Hutchinson

Hear the version from 'Circumstantial Evidence":
     C          C            C     C
Anne Hutchinson was a mighty woman.
            C           C             G G
She was the daughter of Francis Marbury.
        C      C        F  F
She was put on trial in 1637
    C                C           C        Ami
for preaching in the Boston colony, lord, lord.
    C                 G           C  C
For preaching in that Boston colony.

The governor said to Anne Hutchinson
"You've broken the Biblical law.
A woman's place is honoring her husband,
not speaking out in church at all."

"Well let me read to you from the Bible,"
Anne said to that governor,
"It says that my duty, as an older woman,
is to teach to those that are younger."

Anne said, "What law have I broken?
Just tell me, and I'll see if it's true."
The governor shouted, "Now hold on, sister,
'Cause we're the judges here, not you."

They argued for days into evenings.
The governor was losing his cool.
Despite all his learning, this self-taught midwife
was making him look like a fool.

Now Anne said, "You know that I'm not worried,
'Cause God said you can't hurt me."
The judge laughed out loud and the court retired
To convict her of heresy.

Some might say the moral of the story
is the dangers of too much pride.
I say it shows it's hard to break that glass ceiling,
even with God on your side.

Anne Hutchinson was a mighty woman.
She was the daughter of Bridget Marbury.
She was put on trial in 1637
for preaching in the Boston colony.

Copyright ©2011 Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]



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