Was The Moon Too Full?

Hear the version from 'Time To Break Up The Band":

VERSE 1 (Jake)

     D                               A
Last night I gave you one last final chance,
     G                              A
So I laughed politely at your awful jests.
    G              A           D            G
Your lines were so corny that I just had to smile
   G                                  A
To keep my eyes from rolling in their sockets.
   G              A          D      G
We parted with an awkward hug at my door.
You're nice, and that is fine, but I need more.

CHORUS 1 (Jake)

        G        A
Was the moon too full?
        D              G
Was the wine a bit too strong?
        G          A
Did I behave too politely,
            D            G
And try too hard to get along?
            G          A
Why was the night so imperfect?
            D                G
Why did you not know what to say?
       G         A
Was the moon too full?
Guess that's why I went away.

VERSE 2 (Tracie)

Last night I'd never seen you be more beautiful,
And we laughed through drinks & also through dinner.
We saw a shooting star & I said to make a wish.
You smiled & I felt I was such a winner.
I drove you home & we embraced at your door.
Now I'm alone and I'm not sure what for.

CHORUS 2 (Tracie)

Was the moon too full?
Was the wine a bit too sweet?
Was I too damn charming?
Were you too knocked off your feet?
Was the night too perfect?
Did you not know what to say?
Was the moon too full?
Is that why you went away?

Copyright ©2014 Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]



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