Hear the version from 'Time To Break Up The Band":

Time To Break Up The Band

      C                      F         C
We've been on the road for a couple of weeks,
      G             F          C
We've never sounded quite this great.
    C                              F
The crowds have been swelling, the applause is so loud,
         G         F         G
And it's louder in every new state.
    Ami                          Emi
The critics have spoken, they're starting to say
    F            Fmi         C
Our sound is the best in the land.
      F                          C
But I guess all good things must come to an end:
           G       F            C
Guess it's time to break up the band.

If you listened to us with your vision obscured
You'd swear our drummer had seven limbs.
Our guitarist is Hendrix crossed with Bonnie Raitt;
Our songs have the catchiest rhythms.
We've played together for years, and we've built up our skills—
We're catchy without being bland.
From this peak, I only see one way to go:
Guess it's time to break up the band.

                Ami                          Emi
	We stuck it out through thin and kept it going through thinner,
	           Dmi             G           C
	Through it all, we stuck together like glue.
	    Ami               Emi
	I remember playing to crowds in the threes -
	   Dmi               G           C
	We thought that we'd never break through.
	    Dmi         G                C           F
	And now that it seems that we've broken, all right,
	           F       Fmi             G
	Guess it's time to start something new ...

With one last song for the road, one regretful refrain,
We'll head out to solo careers.
We'll build new reputations and work on our craft
And in time we'll forget all our fears.
And maybe we'll collaborate in twos or in threes—
After all, we were birds of a feather.
And so maybe we'll say, in a decade or two,
Guess it's time to put the band back together.

Copyright ©2014 Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]



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