All Alone

Hear the version from 'Circumstantial Evidence":
        G                  G
I had a hell of a time the other night.
   G                  G
My friends and I went out.
   G                         G
We drank, and we ate, and we partied it up;
     G                        G
Everybody starts to dance and shout.

       G                            G
And we joked, and we laughed, and I bought another round
       G                     G
Then I bought another round again;
       G                      G
Man, I don't think I've had a better time --
  G                      G
I thought it would never end.


            C         C
	Now I'm all alone.
	    G         G
	I'm all alone.
	After I've wined and dined,
	well, it's time to unwind
	           G         G
	'Cause I'm all alone.

[Solo over chorus]

I had some folks over this last weekend.
It was a hell of an affair.
There was dancing, and singing, and five-card stud;
Everyone I knew was there.

Now this party, it started at half past nine,
And at six it's still going strong;
If you asked me I'd've said it would never end,
But I guess I'd've guessed quite wrong.


Now I'm all alone.
I'm all alone.
Now that things are calm,
Maybe I'll call my mom,
'Cause I'm all alone.

[Solo over chorus]

I was out with a lady the other night,
And I thought it was going quite well.
I'd dressed to the nines, and I'd ordered the wine.
I was feeling awful swell.

We were having fun at the end of the night,
So I went in for a kiss.
She looked so great and it seemed to me
There was no way that I could miss.


Now I'm all alone.
I'm all alone.
It's been a night of thrills.
Time to pay my bills,
'Cause I'm all alone.


'Cause I'm all alone.
I'm all alone.
Guess I'll get out the broom
'Cause there's dust in the room
And I'm all alone.

It's the end of the day, I'll
check my email,
'Cause I'm all alone.

Copyright ©2011 Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]



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