My Little Lobster

She's a robot with a mechanical heart.
          Bm                             F#m
(The only kind that I seem to be able to mesh with.)
She's a magnet, and we're poles apart.
               Bm                            F#m
(She's good to me, as only a metal object to flesh is.)
       Bm              C#           D     E
People sure look at us funny, but I don't mind,
        Bm              C#        F#m9
'Cause my gear-shifting baby just BLOWS MY MIND.

My little lobster. (x3)

She's got wheels, bicycle built for two.
(I only have to see her to want to go for a ride.)
A Kryptonite lock: she's made for me, not you.
(I'll never let any other take her from my side.)
People laugh at me, but they don't understand,
'Cause the two of us: we go GEAR IN HAND.

My little lobster. (x3)

Copyright ©2015 Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]



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