Hear the version from 'Circumstantial Evidence":


   C        C                G      G
My life has changed since we parted.
          G              G             C     C
I've been sleeping about eight hours a night,
    F      F              C           C
And I must confess that I drink a lot less.
    D          D             G     G
I'm not always looking for a fight.

If you'd asked me, I'd never have guessed this would be
The way I'd be living today.
Oh, please won't you come back and rescue me?
I just can't go on living this way...


     F                F           C   C
Now, some folks might call us codependent
    F          F          G    G
And say our reuniting's insane;
    F                F        C           C
But things ain't the same without you, my dear --
            G                G          C    C
Please come back and make me miserable again.

Yesterday I saw you in town
looking happier than I've seen you in years,
And suddenly I missed those old time feelings:
Anger, depression, and fear.


I want us to be more than lovers,
And I want us to be less than friends.
Won't you look into your heart and come back, dear?
We can drive each other crazy again.
Won't you break my heart and come back dear?
We can be codependent again.

Copyright ©2011 Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]



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