(Whenever I'm Sad, I Do A Web-Search For Pictures Of) Adorable Kittens

Hear the version from 'Mistaken Identity":
     A         A            E    E
Some days it's hard to be a woman.
     E         E            A   A
Some days it's hard to be a man.
     D        D               A           A
Some days the world makes you madder than Hell --
     E           A          E
It's more than a person can stand.

          A           A               E            E
When your day is like that, you don't have to feel bad;
        E              E            A       A
There's no place where that rule is written.
     D         D       A        A
Just do what I do, and do a web search
    E            E       A       A A
For pictures of adorable kittens.


 A       E       E E
Adorable kittens!
 E       A       A A A
Adorable kittens!
    D        D      A        A
Whenever I'm sad, I do a web search
    E            E       A        A A A
For pictures of adorable kittens.

It works without fail, it picks me right up
And puts a big grin on my face.
It gets my spirit from down off the floor
And shoots it into outer space.

There's lots of things that people might like,
Like ice cream, or babies with mittens,
But I'd trade every one for a few gigabytes
Of pictures of adorable kittens.


So now it is time to finish my set,
and I'd like to thank you for your time
and your patience as you listened to my little verse—
I tried hard to make it all rhyme.

And now, as we near the end of the song,
I hope you like the way that it ends.
As for me, I'll be heading on back to my home
where I'll web-search for adorable kittens.


Copyright ©2009 Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]



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