I Miss You Like Gravity

Hear a demo version of the song:
          A               A                  D                A
I've been up in space for fifteen weeks. I'm feeling at loose ends. My ship's
A                  A               D           E
shields and coffee maker: Now they are my only friends.
       A                A                D          E
When I took this job, I thought I wanted only to be free.
        A          D             A
But now darlin', I miss you like gravity.

      A                 A                 D               A
Our attraction's gotten stronger since we were first introduced.
         A                A                 D             E
And I'll dare the inverse square to say our love has been reduced. / Not even
A                    A           D          E
this big rig can overtake your escape velocity.
    A          D                  A
Oh, darlin', I miss you like gravity.


	    G                D            A           A
	And when this job is over, I'll accelerate to you
	   G                           D                 A              E
	At nine point eight meters per second squared, I always will be true
	  D                   A                  G        D E
	I pray I'll get there safe, I won't burn up on reentry [pause]
	         D                  A    E
	'Cause I miss you just like gravity. (that's right)
	       D                    A        E
	Yes, I miss you like I miss old gravity.
Copyright ©2023 Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]



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