Swat the Bees

[This song is basically in B♭. A non-censored, very not worksafe, version can be found on Soundcloud.]

I get these headaches after these gigs.
They make me angry, you [silly] pigs.
[Swat] the bees. [x3]

Stupid sinuses! Why can't you go away?
Worthless ibuprofin! Why can't I get [candy]?
[Swat] the bees. [x3]

I guess I could stop playing loud music, but that's what they're expecting.
Or maybe it's the penguins hanging from my nose ring.
[Swat] the bees. [x3]


Maybe I could think of better words if my head wasn't pounding so much.
It's really hurting a lot. I can't even think of a [crazy] rhyme.
[Swat] the bees. [x4]

Copyright ©2015 Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]



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