Socks of Quarters Blues

Hear a demo version of the song:

This is a twelve-bar blues in C.

Need me some SOCKS o' quarters, they won't be for my feet
Need me some SOCKS o' quarters, No, I ain't talkin' 'bout my feet
A bunch of socks o' quarters
And I'll be on easy street

Spend 'em on my sweetie, or use 'em in a fight
Spend 'em on my sweetie, or use 'em in a fight
They'll scare off the bad dogs
But treat a lady right

Yeah, I could put 'em in a jukebox. I could use 'em in a laundromat.
I could play some sad songs on a jukebox. I could wash my clothes in a laundromat.
You know if I had some socks of quarters,
ain't nobody could stop me from doing that.

But I ain't got no sock of quarters. Got no dimes or nickles too.
Hell, I ain't even got no socks. Now, tell me, what's a poor boy supposed to do?
Now, I need me a sock of quarters, you know that's what I said before.
Now, when I get my socks of quarters, you won't see me 'round here no more.

Lyrics copyright ©2006 by Terri Willis and Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]



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