Sweet hearts

Written 30 July 2001

Greg <gs7277 at home.com> wrote:

Hi I am Amber.

The man paused, intrigued. Could this be the same Amber he had known since third grade? They had been friends through high school but had drifted apart after they had gone to college, he to an elite ease-coast university and she to a big state school in the southwest. The message was too generic to be sure, but there was something about the message, perhaps the willful misuse of the comma, that reawakened long-dormant memories. He hesitated, then sent her a short email, introducing him and asked if she could by some chance be someone she knew.

She responded, and it turned out that no, she wasn't the one he was thinking of, but she was nice about the mistake and seemed friendly so they continued the correspondence.

After a while, he began to feel something for her, something in his heart or possibly in less reputable parts of the body, but anyway something. He started bringing up the possibility of meeting in person. She seemed oddly reluctant to meet him, but he persisted, and finally she agreed to meet him at the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan the next time he was in town.

The day drew close, they made final arrangements, and at last, heart racing, he arrived at the museum. He searched for her but could not find her. At last, when he had almost given up, he heard a faint voice calling his name. Turning to follow the voice, he looked into a display of minerals and screamed.

On the Internet, nobody can tell you're petrified tree sap.

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