Knock Knock

Written 28 April 2000


Who's there?

Who could possibly be knocking at my door? I live alone. I don't know anyone around here. Who could it be?

Perhaps it's the postman. Have I ordered any big packages lately? No. Probably not the postman.



Who's there?

Let's see. Perhaps a long-lost relative or friend is stopping by unannounced? Could be, I suppose. (Who did I give my address to, anyway?)

Or perhaps someone found something of mine somewhere and they're trying to return it. Maybe something of mine was found at the scene of a crime and the police are here to ask me about it! But I never go out.

Still a possibility.


Maybe I should answer it. It could be Ed McMahon telling me I've won a million dollars. I would like that.

But maybe it's someone bringing bad news. Like something bad's happen to someone I know. Or the building's condemned and I have to move out within the next three days. Not too likely, but then neither is winning a million bucks.

They've probably gone away by now. Let's see if they knock again.


That's it. This time I'm answering it. It's driving me crazy, wondering who's knocking.

But what would it prove, really? It could be a completely different person knocking each time. Maybe the first time it was Ed McMahon, the second time it was INS looking for illegal aliens, the third time it was someone with a flat tire wanting to make a phone call, and this most recent time it was a girl scout selling cookies.

All I'd know is who knocked the most recent time.

Girl scout cookies? Hm.


Who's there?

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