Yo' God So False

Written 15 August 2001 and 24 June 2003

Yo' god so false, he can't even create a rock he can lift!

Yo' god so false, his worshippers go to Atlantic City when they die!

Yo' god so false, his pope drive around in a Yugo!

Yo' god so false, when people pray to be healed, he give 'em two aspirin and tell 'em to call him in the morning!

Yo' god so false, he need some matches and a tape recorder to speak from a burning bush!

Yo' god so false, people be leavin' his church in droves as the secularization of society increases following the industrial revolution!

Yo' god so false, he have trouble parting someone's hair!

Yo' god so false, he think 'omniscient' means he can smell everything!

Yo' god so false, people rather worship a golden calf!

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