• Olive oil.
  • Popcorn.
  • Salt.
  • Optionally some raisins.
  • Extremely optionally some M&Ms or similar.


  • A pot with a lid. Since burning the popcorn is a definite risk and it tends to wreck the bottom of the pot you probably want to use one of your old, beat-up pots.
  • A large bowl to put the popcorn in once it's done.
  • Your hands.


Put the olive oil in a pot. Use enough to cover the bottom of the pot to a depth of maybe half the diameter of a kernal of corn, give or take. Try not to use too much olive oil.

Put the pot on the stove. The burner should be turned to its hottest setting.

Put four kernals of popcorn in the pot. Put the lid on. Wait for all four kernals to detonate.

Remove the lid. Pour in enough popcorn to cover the bottom of the pot evenly. Don't use much more than that. Put the lid back on. The popcorn should start popping fairly briskly shortly after that.

The popcorn will continue to pop briskly for a few minutes, then will perceptably slow down. At this point you have about ten seconds to dump the popcorn into the bowl before it starts to burn. Judging this is tricky and you probably won't always get it right. Such are the rigors of Art.

Once the popcorn is in the bowl, add salt to taste. If desired, add some raisins--they go surprisingly well with hot popcorn. Adding M&Ms or other chocolatey things can also be done, but be warned that the chocolate will melt and make a big mess. (Some people, such as my sister, think it's worth it though.) Adding Chex or similar doesn't add much to the taste but may be helpful in convincing yourself that you're actually eating something approximating food. Almonds can be a tasty addition but maybe not enough to justify the expense.

My recommendation is to not mix up the popcorn with the other stuff (the salt and whatever else you added) as it tends to result in the non-popcorn stuff sinking to the bottom of the mixture. Instead just dump everything on top of the popcorn, secure in the knowledge that the mere act of grabbing the popcorn at the top will disturb things enough to result in a reasonably even distribution of the ingredients.

Eat the popcorn with your hands.

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