To The Marketers, That They Might Make Good Use Of Time

Written 16 May 2003

Kerri says, "OK, I have a topic. It's not a thesis, but it is a topic. How, back in the day, you could go to a gas station, and you'd get a free glass every time you filled your tank. Or the juice glasses that were once jars of grape jelly."

Kerri says, "But the glasses...from the gas stations...they were just this nubbly glass."

Kerri says, "Green, or yellow."

Kerri says, "They didn't have anything written on them. How come gas stations don't give you ANYTHING with a fill up now?

Kerri says, "As a marketeer I want John Q. Person to think about MY TEXACO STATION every time he pours himself a glass of lemonade."

Gas-stations that I go to, such as Shell,
Have changed. In times of yore, with tank of gas,
I'd claim a green or yellow drinking glass.
The only souvenir these days's the smell
of gasoline, quite rank: it stinks of Hell.
And do I hurry back again? I pass,
when once I rushèd back again. Alas!
That time's the paradise from with we fell.
'Twas better then -- I often find I yearn
for olden days, which had a common theme:
When sipping lemonade my thoughts did turn
to Mobil stations. Fondly I would dream
Of buying gas and claiming as my prize
The colored cup. Those marketers were wise.

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