Imperfect Crime

Written 20 June 1999

I wish I could commit the imperfect crime
     So flawed I would always be caught.
I'd try to rob banks but not once make a dime
     My exploits, they would all be for naught.

While others might think about all the details
     I would plan quite impetuously;
I don't care for success, the amount that I fail
     Is what makes me to chortle with glee.

While the cat burgler saunters along the rooftops
     I'd be tripping alarms left and right;
Though you might think it foolish to attract the cops,
     Just think if you will of the sight:

There'd be judges and lawyers and guards by the bus
     To make sure that I wouldn't flee
It's amazing to think that there would be such a fuss
     Over small insignificant me!

[cor anglais solo]

Though the tip of the top is amazingly great
     I much prefer low of the low;
It's so random, this dislike of the second rate,
     This preference for friend over foe.

So I wish that I'd commit the imperfect crime
     And be captured, in chains in a cell;
But alas my desires are doomed to be stym-
     ied; I just seem to plan them too well!

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