Written 26 February 2000

At different points in my life I've noticed that certain colors seem to predominate. This may just be a statistical phenomina; with the number of objects that tend to enter my life it would be surprising if there wasn't a period of, say, a month when suddenly a seemingly surprising proportion of them was of a given color. Or it may be psychological; perhaps for some reason I become sensitized to a particular color and tend to notice objects of that hue more than others whose coloring is different. Most likely the truth is a combination of the two.

Currently I'm in a green period. My shower curtain (which my landlord gave me when I moved in) is green. My recently-purchased sheets are green. The quilt my grandmother gave me for Christmas is green. I have a bluish-green computer. And so on.

If there's a psychological component to this perception, then perhaps it says something about me. But what? Does it mean that I've been feeling greedy recently, or envious? Green is the color of unripe things--do I feel unready for the next stage of my life? Or am I ready for springtime, ready for growth?

I think that the last period of my life that had a particular color was the purple period. I had a purple shirt I used as a sort of jacket, and I got a purple t-shirt as well. I feel like there were other things as well--perhaps my mouse pad at work or something else like that. Already I've forgotten the purple things that were in my life, yet the idea persists that the purpleness was.

What is purple the color of? Emotional excess, I think, as in purple prose. Was I (or did I feel) emotionally excessive at the time? I doubt it; I lived in New Jersey.

I feel like there was a blue period of my life, too, but here I can't even remember when it was, let alone what the blue things might have been. Just a vague sensation of blueness welling up from the past...

Blue is my favorite color.

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