Science Fiction Songs

I put together this list of recordings for the Hugo-winning podcast StarShipSofa. One of them, The Robot Song, ended up getting played on the podcast, which was pretty cool! You can click on the links below to download the recordings, or you can use the flash player above to listen to them.

The recording of 'Killer Robots' is a home recording and differs slightly from the version on my CD.

List of Songs (click to download)

Here are recordings of songs that I wrote and recorded:

This is a song with lyrics by science fiction author John Brunner, sung to the tune 'Ten Thousand Miles Away':

(I found it in a Brunner collection named The Book of John Brunner.)

Finally, here is a song with lyrics written by me, then set to music and recorded by Casey Bennetto for the online music project Interrobang Cartel:

If you enjoy the music, you can also listen to my CD, Mistaken Identity, and find information on how to buy it on my CD page.



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