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To celebrate my 38th birthday, I've decided to make available free ringtones based on the recordings on Mistaken Identity. Most songs have at least one ringtone and a few have more than one. (A couple of them I couldn't figure out what would make good ringtones.)

If you have an iPhone, then download this file, uncompress it, import the sound files it contains into iTunes, and both iTunes and your iPhone should automatically recognize that they are ringtones and treat them as such.

If you don't have an iPhone then I don't have as much experience in what to do, but various websites around the web (a friend suggested this one; I haven't used it but it looks straightforward enough) seem to be set up to allow you to import sound files and convert them to ringtones on your phone. In this case, you probably want this file, which contains the ringtones in the mp3 format.

List of Ringtones

  • 02-PhotoAlbum
  • 03a-ImAGuy-verse
  • 03b-ImAGuy-chorus
  • 04-KillerRobots
  • 05-ADozenLovelyRoses
  • 06-HybridCar
  • 07a-TeaInMyTeacup-verse1
  • 07b-TeaInMyTeacup-verse2
  • 07c-TeaInMyTeacup-chorus
  • 08-AbsoluteZero-monologue
  • 10-LadyLuck
  • 11-EzrasSong
  • 12-AdorableKittens

Questions? Problems? Let me know!



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