Hear a demo version of the song:
           Am            Am
Well, it's time to go to bed,
         Dm            Dm
Put your cares away to sleep.
        G               G
You can fret and fume tomorrow,
        Dm                   G
But for now, just count some sheep.
        Am               Am
As your thoughts wander away,
              Dm                    Dm
Just let your eyes drift closed and dream.
         G              G
Put your phone onto the table.
         Dm               G
Pry your eyes off of that screen.


  C               C
Relax your limbs. Clear your mind.
         Dm                G
Let your stress flow away, and unwind.
           F                     C
You've got worries, and bills to pay,
             Dm        G                Am
But let them go, for tomorrow's another day.

Your Facebook friends will wait,
Change your smartphone's mode to 'mute'.
Don't worry about your selfies.
Instagram still thinks you're cute.
Resist that urge to be online.
Put off reading the president's tweets.
They will be there in the morning.
Turn your phone off now. Don't cheat.


Relax your mind. Close your eyes.
You don't need to read those Twitter lies.
Set that phone down. Put it away.
Let it go, for tomorrow's another day.

Now you're checking your email.
I don't know who you're trying to fool.
If you really want to sleep,
Then why ignore my simple rule?
Now you're clicking some clickbait.
This is quite beyond the pale.
You belong in some dumb listicle
called 'Top Ten Sleeping Fails'.


Are you Slytherin? Just take this test.
Hey, why not? Who really needs to rest?
In the morning, that's when you'll pay,
But who cares? For tomorrow's another day.

Copyright ©2019 Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]



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