Pretty Polly (It's Complicated)

Hear a demo version of the song:

The only chord used in this song is Emi. The song is a parody of the traditional folk song 'Pretty Polly'.

The little melodic line I play over the chorus is B-A-G-E-D-E-G-A-G-E.

Oh Polly, pretty Polly, let's go for a walk.
Polly, pretty Polly, let's go for a walk.
Let's go to the Starbucks, for we have to talk.

He led her on sidewalks down to the main street.
He led her on sidewalks on down to Main Street.
Then he cast down his eyes and he shuffled his feet.

Oh Willy, little Willy, I fear what is next.
Willy, little Willie, I'm afraid of what's next.
I know it's quite serious, or else you'd've just text.

Oh Polly, pretty Polly, your perception is true.
Polly, pretty Polly, your perception's quite true.
I don't think we're compatible. I'm afraid that we're through.

Oh Willy, Oh Willy, is this, then, the end?
Willy, little Willy, can this be the end?
It is, pretty Polly, but let's still be friends.

They sighed and they parted with one final look.
Yes, they sighed and they parted with a lingering look.
Then they left, only pausing to update Facebook.

Copyright ©2012 Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]







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