Bruce Gannon hosts a weekly live TV show in Onset, Massachusetts called Feel The Music Live. It's broacast on Comcast Channel 9 and Verizon Channel 30 but he also posts the video online. On March 16, 2011, I was the guest on the program and I (along with my band the Running Commentary, composed of guitarist Natalie Markward and drummer Joe Auger) played eleven songs. Bruce has posted the video to youtube in five parts.

I did an awful lot of talking and tuning between the tunes, so rather than watch the uncut video you may prefer instead to jump to the individual songs. These links should let you do that:

  1. I'm A Guy
  2. Hybrid Car Blues
  3. Stale Tequila
  4. Relatively Human Blues
  5. The Ballad of Anne Hutchinson
  6. Just You
  7. Blame The Train
  8. Ezra's Song
  9. All Alone
  10. Watching Killer Robots Eat Your Head
  11. (Whenever I'm Sad, I Do A Web-Search For Pictures Of) Adorable Kittens

For the completest, here's the whole show:



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