Even Sensitive Poets Get The Blues

Written 1 October 2002

Well               they
     (deep subject)       do

                        you know.

   Heck, it's       part of the job

     These poets today --
   all happy and so on --
      it makes me sick !!

and the whole upside-down backwards visor thing
                     i don't get that at all
     perth -> *        GET OFFA MY LAWN!

 sadness     angst     unhappiness
      dejection depression     doldrums
  sorrow    ka-nuke      megrims    
man     am i    glad i bought  this
 thesaurus                   now
             where was i?
        n  sadness is pure gold
      b  y  for sensitive poets --
      ur  w  did Hallmark ever win
      mas  a  the Nobel Prize?  I
      have  y  don't THINK so!

   So given
            all that,
                      do you mind
           picking up
 the check
           for lunch?
                      I'm a little
         short today.

This was something random written by Jacob Haller. To see another random thing, click here. To get a permanent link to this particular random thing, click here.



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