Loud Drunk Guys!

Written 15 August 2001

I went to see the Red Sox play the Seattle Mariners last night with a few people. There was a loud drunk guy in the row above ours.

Now, I am the first to appreciate the role that loud drunk guys have played in the history of baseball. [insert your own joke here] They do have their disadvantages (in this case the guy's exaggerated gestures would occasionally result in him smacking the head of one of the people I was with) but they also have their advantages, particularly if you like hearing the stream-of-consciousness ramblings of loud drunk people, and who doesn't?

Anyway. At one point he was talking about how many people were in Fenway Park. Then he said to his buddy: "I wonder which makes more money, this place or the strip club? Well, obviously this place make a lot more money, but you know what I mean?" His buddy, who at some point started using the strategy of agreeing with whatever the loud drunk guy said, said, "Yes."

Oh. The Red Sox lost, but it was a good game anyway.

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