Written 28 April 2001

"I would like you to assist me with this product."

"Certainly. When would be a good time for me to do so?"

"This day in the near future would be a good day for me. Is there anything I should make sure is done before you arrive?"

"Yes. Make sure that the proper preparations have been made."

"Most certainly this will be done."

"Excellent! Communicate to me the place and how to get there and I will see you on the appointed date."

- * - * - * -

"The appointed date is tomorrow, and you have not yet communicated the place to me, nor have you told me how to get there. Is my assistance still desired?"

"Most certainly. Here is the information you require. My apologies for my neglect."

"Thank you. I will see you on the morrow."

- * - * - * -

"Greetings. I have arrived."

"Wonderful! Here is the product for you to assist me with."

"Have the proper preparations been made?"


"Then I cannot assist."

"Can you assist me with the other products I have here?"

"No, I have no experience with these other products."

"I understand. Can you come back another day in the near future? The preparations will be done by then."

"Yes, I am able to return on the appointed day. I will see you then."

- * - * - * -

"It is the day before the second appointed day, and I have not heard from you. Have the preparations been completed yet?"

"The preparations are still not complete. Is your arrival possible on this other day?"

"I had other things planned for the day in question, but I will reschedule them so that I may be at the desired place on that day."

"I will see you then."

- * - * - * -

"It is the day before the third appointed day, and I have not heard from you. Is tomorrow's meeting still desired? Have the preparations been made?"

"Yes, please come."

- * - * - * -

"I have done some testing from my current location and it appears that the necessary preparations have not been made yet. Thus, I do not think it makes sense for me to come today."

"The preparations will not be complete until tomorrow. Are you still able to come today?"

"I am, but if I come today I will not be able to assist you, as the proper preparations have not yet been made."

"I wish to use the product without making the proper preparations. Can you assist me in doing so?"

"Under those circumstances I am unable to assist you."

"That is unfortunate. Thank you for your time."

"I return your thanks. I am sorry that I am unable to assist."

This was something random written by Jacob Haller. To see another random thing, click here. To get a permanent link to this particular random thing, click here.



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