A Haller Family Story

Hear a demo version of the song:
       C                             Dm
In the sixties, in Chicago, lived my parents,
       G                              C   G
during riots, assassinations, and the war.
     C                               Dm
In a time when Johnson's War on Poverty was
G                                 C    G
too often an excuse to attack the poor.

   Am                           Em
My parents wrote to Oscar Mayer asking
   Am                                 Dm
if they would donate to their food pantry.
    C                           Dm
The company responded with some boxes.
           G                             C
Which they opened to see what they would see.

    C                          Dm
The boxes contained many vinyl records,
         G                        C      G
with the Oscar Meyer song in many styles,
     Am                         Dm
from barbershop to country to calypso.
     G                                         C    G
They blinked, for they could not believe their eyes.

    C                               Dm
Now corporations' rights are on the increase,
          G                                C    G
While the value of our lives just seems to fade.
        Am                     Dm
So I've written up a new Oscar Meyer song,
  G                                   C    G
Returning now the gift that they once made.

Am                                Em
Oh, I'd love to be an Oscar Meyer Wiener.
Am                                    Dm
You know that I don't like to raise a fuss.
    C                          D
But if we all were Oscar Meyer Wieners,
      G                                  C
Maybe this country would give a damn for us.

Lyrics copyright ©2024 by Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]







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