The DMV of Broken Dreams

Hear a live version of the song:
(The song proper starts at around 1:55.)
Ami                        E
I tripped over my cat as I got out of bed
          E                       Ami
Knocked a mirror right off of the wall,
     Ami                E
As I left my bedroom, I knew I was doomed.
E                             Ami
In my heart, I had no hope at all.
    Ami                        E
Then I stepped on a crack as I went to my car.
  E                        Ami
I got in, and I started to roll.
  Ami                    E
I quivered in fear as my goal drew near:
    E                   Ami
The Department of Motor Vehicles.


Now I've been here since half past nine,
E                                                    Ami
And I've been told three times that I'm in the wrong line.
And my mind's
E                     Ami
disintegrating at the seams.
           E-F-E (E-F-E)          Ami    E Ami
I'm at the DMV          of Broken Dreams

I sit in my chair, while my neighbors all glare.
They'd kill me to move up in the queue.
I've read both the books that I had in my bag,
Tell me, what's a poor boy to do?
My number is called and I bring them my form.
They stamp it and tell me to wait.
Then they put up a sign that says 'Back after lunch.'
Please, God, let me escape my fate.


With my psyche in shreds, now I shuffle along.
A madman now bids me say 'Cheese'.
Avert your eyes from the photo my license now bears:
My expression will make your heart freeze.
A tormented likeness of wordless despair
will steal all your comfort away --
My wallet encloses this demon ID,
this License of Dorian Gray.


In Middletown ... Rhode Island.

Copyright ©2015 Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]



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