Ezra's Song

Hear the version from 'Mistaken Identity":
           /G                        /G
You know my nephew was bathing in his parents' bathtub, 
     /G                                /G
And I heard my sister splash him as she gave him a scrub.
      /D                           /D
Then I heard his footsteps when she pulled out the plug, 
               G              /D
And she said, "No naked babies running on a rug. 
  /C /C     /G  /G
No no, no no no, 
          /D                             /D
You know I told you before that you're as cute as a bug, 
             /G                 /D
But there are no naked babies allowed on a rug." 

Now my nephew is running all over the floor
And he's giggling and heading right towards the front door.
Now his father's laughing, but to him he confides,
"You know that no naked babies are going outside.
No no, no no no
You know I told you before, now let me be your guide,
'Cause there are no naked babies allowed to go outside."

Now a gleam's in his eye, and a grin's on his face,
And he's eyeing the furniture that's all over the place,
And now my nephew is running from here to over there.
His folks say, "No naked babies should climb on a chair.
No no, no no no no no no.
You know I've told you before, and I know it's not fair
But there are no naked babies allowed on a chair."

Copyright ©2009 Jacob Haller. Some rights reserved. [return to the list of available lyrics]



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