Jacob Haller Solo Tracks

Jacob Haller & the Running Commentary Tracks

List of Songs (click to download)

  1. That'll Never Happen No More (composed by Blind Blake)
  2. Railroad Bill (composed by Andy Breckman)
  3. A Dozen Lovely Roses (composed by Jacob Haller)
  4. Barstow (composed by Jay Ferrar)
  5. You're The Tea In My Teacup (composed by Jacob Haller)
  6. Watching Killer Robots Eat Your Head (composed by Jacob Haller)
  7. I Believe To My Soul (composed by Ray Charles)

List of Songs (click to download)

  1. Hybrid Car Blues (composed by Jacob Haller)
  2. Waist Deep In The Big Muddy (composed by Pete Seeger)
  3. The Ballad Of Anne Hutchinson (composed by Jacob Haller)
  4. Big Road Blues (composed by Tommy Johnson)
  5. Relatively Human Blues (composed by Jacob Haller)
  6. All Alone (composed by Jacob Haller)

With Natalie Markward on electric guitar and Joe Auger on drums.



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